How We Work

Every person who has a conviction that used evidence from the Austin Police Department DNA Lab should be receiving a letter from The Forensic Project asking whether they want their case reviewed at no cost to them. We will then either conduct an in-person interview or send out a questionnaire to find out more information about the case. We will also be reviewing police reports and other information to find out what happened. If someone was wrongfully convicted, we will ensure that person has legal counsel to help remedy the wrong.

The case review is voluntary, and a person may hire a lawyer at any time in the process.


For every person that asks to have their case reviewed, we will examine the facts of the case to determine whether there is a possibility of a wrongful conviction due to the APD Lab. In some cases, we may conduct our own independent fact investigation or use an expert to look at the DNA.

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If the Case Review shows that DNA was material to the case, we will work with the person to identify the next steps. Some options include asking for evidence to be tested, asking for a new trial, or continuing the investigation into the underlying case.


If we discover a wrongful conviction, we may agree to represent the person through all post-conviction litigation. If we are unable to and believe there is a valid claim, we will help secure a lawyer at no cost if you cannot afford one.


Do you believe that you or your loved one has a case that needs to be reviewed? Please let us know.